Buy ZWCAD MFG 2024, Get Free MFG Library

Offer ends on December 31, 2023


What is ZWCAD MFG?

ZWCAD MFG is an advanced CAD solution specifically designed for users in the manufacturing industry. Built on the powerful ZWCAD, this software offers a wide range of specialized drawing tools that speed up their design process. Moreover, it offers an extensive part and symbol library that meet many national and international standards, along with the flexibility to effortlessly insert and edit your own libraries.

Who is ZWCAD MFG designed for?

ZWCAD MFG is designed for users in the manufacturing industry who complete part design, assembly, and drawing archiving processes using 2D engineering drawings, either partially or for the entire process. It is especially ideal for:

a). Customers who frequently perform modifications, measurements, and other operations on 2D engineering drawings and look for productivity-enhancing tools.

b). Engineers who are more familiar with the 2D design environment, prefer to complete the major part of their designs in the 2D environment, and require extensive part libraries.

c). Companies that require standardization of drawings.

What does ZWCAD MFG Library provide?

ZWCAD MFG Library provides a basic library of symbols and standardized elements that are used in mechanical projects. The library consists of 5 mechanical libraries, including standardized parts, steel shapes, marks, hydraulics and pneumatics, flowcharts and diagrams. Plus, it also allows user to insert and eidt their own libraries.

How do I purchase ZWCAD MFG Library when my one-year license expires?

ZWCAD MFG Library can be obtained by purchasing ZWCAD MFG Yearly Maintenance (YM), which provides a one-year licensing period. YM is available when you purchase or upgrade to the latest ZWCAD MFG version. *In this promotion,“a bundled one-year license of ZWCAD MFG Library”is provided for free, offering significant savings equivalent to the cost of YM.

What are the differences among ZWCAD Standard, ZWCAD Professional, and ZWCAD MFG?

Visit the Compare page to see their differences in detail.

1. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions of ZWCAD MFG, and it might be unavailable in some countries or regions.
2. ZWSOFT reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.
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Standard Part

The part library offers more than 400,000 standard parts across over 66 categories. These parts are compliant with many national and international standards and cover a board range of industries including machinery, heavy industry, automotive, mold, energy, transportation, water conservancy, chemical and shipbuilding and more.

Custom Part
Import Tool

Easily import custom, parametric parts into the part library with just a few simple steps. The imported parts can be classified, renamed, searched and reused with ease. With this tool, you can use and manage custom parts conveniently.

Technical Groove Main Frame GB

Double Surface Groove

Single Surface Groove

Hole Rect Reliefs (Bottom)

Hole Rect Reliefs (Central)

Shaft Reliefs 1

Shaft Reliefs 2

Drawing Tools

Specialized drawing and construction tools allow you to create construction geometries and technical entities quickly.
Plus, the Super Edit feature enables you to modify objects with just a double-click, speeding up drawing efficiency.

Select to Create Constructions

Customizable Drafting Standards

Mainstream drawing standards are available and customizable for creating design data that conforms to company requirements.
Multi-frame and multi-scale drawings are supported so that objects of different frames and scales do not affect one another.

Saves You 80% of
Annotating Time

Intelligent Annotation associates sequential numbers with the BOM, simplifying text processing by updating and interacting text data in sync. With one command, 80% of the annotating time is saved.

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